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A Taste for Blood

She will take away your pain

Elliot wakes up in a strange hospital without any memory of how he got there. He's told about an accident in which he sustained a slight concussion, causing him to have temporarily lost his memory.

But then he finds an alarming message in his own handwriting, telling him not to trust the nurse. And there is something odd about her. Does she really need all those blood samples? Why does she lock the door when she leaves? And is it normal not to allow any visitors?

The truth turns out to be more horrible than Elliot could have ever imagined, as he realizes how great of a danger he's in, cut off from the outside world and dealing with paranormal forces of evil.


“I loved this story very, very much. It gave me a surreal feeling of repeating the same nightmare over and over again”
★★★★★ Bookish Love Affair



A Werewolf Story

The small town of Muttville is haunted at night by a series of vicious murders.

Connor lives with his unstable mom and his best friend, a giant wolfdog named Hunter, who's unusually intelligent. Hunter is also very calm and very protective of Connor. But he starts to sense a darker side to his friend, and everyone in town begins to suspect Hunter, as the murder count rises every night. Oddly, all of the victims seem to be people who somehow crossed Connor.

And as the bloody traces start to lead back to Hunter, it draws the attention of the police. Soon Connor faces losing his best friend. But will Hunter let that happen?


“I really like the mixture of the ordinary and the supernatural, Beast reminds me of Stephen King”
★★★★★ Just One More Chapter

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