Blind Date

Never go home with a stranger

Against her own better judgement, Lily decides to go home with a guy she just met—and that turns out to be the biggest mistake of her life.

A relentless thriller with an ending you wont see coming.


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Blind Date

Never go home with a stranger

Against her own better judgement, Lily decides to go home with a guy she just met—and that turns out to be the biggest mistake of her life.

A relentless thriller with an ending you wont see coming.


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“A great, suspenseful short read.”

“Thrill, action, and suspense all in a quick read.”

“So captivating I couldn’t put it down.”

Blind Date

Chapter One

The simmering sensation in Lily’s stomach intensifies as the evening wears on. Perhaps the wine has something to do with it—she has almost drunk half a bottle—but she’s pretty sure it’s also because of him.

She didn’t know him at all before they met at the restaurant—she only knew he was twenty-one, his first name was Jake, and according to Georgia’s description, he was really good looking. Lily doesn’t completely agree on the last part; he is handsome, but not super-hot, and a little too skinny for her taste.

On the other hand, he has a really winning smile which makes his face light up, and he’s extremely pleasant to talk to. There is a nice chemistry between them, and she’s guessing he feels the same, because he orders another bottle of wine when the first one is empty.

“I’m not sure I should drink anymore,” she says, smiling and touching her temple. “I think I’m getting a little drunk.”

“It’s not for you,” he says, grabbing the bottle from the waiter and pretending to drink directly from the bottle in big, loud gulps.

Lily can’t help but laugh at the silly gesture, as she gazes around a little nervously. It’s a really fancy place, way too expensive for anything Lily would ever visit on her own; all the other guests are wearing suits or beautiful dresses, even the waiter strikes her as an old-fashioned British butler, butterfly tie and all. He forces a strained smile at her date’s practical joke and reaches a pale hand out for the bottle. “Would you like me to serve the wine, sir?”

“Thank you, we’ll manage, Lurch,” Jake says, filling Lily’s glass. “We’ll ring the bell if we need you.”

Lily sniggers once more, feeling like a silly school girl, as she tries to hide it and the waiter marches off. “That wasn’t very nice,” she whispers across the table.

“He knows I’m only joking,” Jake says, serving himself another full glass. “He’s a friend of my parents; they come here all the time.”

“What was it your father does?”

“He owns a movie company.”

“Which one?”

“It’s called BT Productions.”

“I haven’t heard about it.”

“Well, I didn’t take you for the type who watches a lot of porn.”

Lily almost chokes on a sip of wine. “Do they make … porn?”

Jake nods earnestly. “That’s where the big money is.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Oh no. BT is an acronym for Big Tits.”

Lily looks around to see if any of the neighboring tables have heard them, as she feels her cheeks starting to burn.

Jake goes on, swirling the wine nonchalantly around the glass. “It’s fine with me, of course, I just kind of wish they wouldn’t shoot so many scenes at home, you know. The whole house is littered with dildoes, and …” He breaks off as he apparently notices something on her face. “Wait, are you blushing?”

“No, I’m not.”

“I think you are.”

“It’s just the wine.”

“Red cheeks look good on you.”

Lily takes her napkin and dabs her upper lip, discretely trying to cover her face. “So you were just jerking me around?”

“Yeah, they just produce regular, boring movies.”

“Are you like that to everyone?”

“Like what?”

“A jerk.”

He shrugs. “Only to the ones I’m trying to impress.”

She raises one eyebrow, forcing herself not to return his smile this time.

He reaches a hand across the table. “All right, I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?”

She looks at his hand for a moment, then takes it. Her hand is a little damp, but his is dry and soft. He holds on for a couple of seconds, giving the back of her hand a quick, gentle stroke with his thumb before letting go. The touch makes the simmering in her stomach grow stronger.

What are you doing? spurts a voice in her head, sounding like a strict old lady. You’re falling in love with this guy. You don’t even know him.

“I need to pee,” Lily says—partly because she really does need to pee, but mostly as an excuse to escape the situation which has suddenly gotten a little too intense.

She adjusts the skirt—it has an annoying habit of creeping up, but it’s still her favorite, since it makes her ass look nice—and walks towards the bathroom, concentrating hard on not wobbling. Luckily, she decided against the heels right before leaving for the bus.

The air in the bathroom is a little cooler, and it feels nice against her hot face. She’s also glad to get away from the many buzzing voices; the only sound out here is low, pan flute music floating from hidden speakers.

Lily locks herself in a stall, pulls up the skirt and sits down with a sigh. She pees with her eyes closed and feels the effect of the wine pulsating in her body.

Am I seriously planning on going home with him if he asks? A total stranger?

Except he’s not—Georgia knows him. She was the one who put her up to the blind date. She said he was really nice, and so far, Lily has no reason to disagree. In fact, he’s pretty interesting. Not many twenty-one-year-olds run a firm they created themselves. He told her about it during the dinner, an IT firm of some kind, making some security-thingy. She didn’t really understand it, and she honestly didn’t care, but it’s apparently going well, since he’s about to start shipping overseas.

Of course, his parents helped him with the funding, but he was very adamant about stressing the fact that he built everything himself ground-up, his only help being a partner who left the company recently.

Lily can’t help but wonder if Jake sees her as just a silly teenager who has just only turned nineteen and is still living at home.

The thought of home makes her check her phone. There’s a message from Dad.

Hi, Hon. Mom said you were going on a date tonight. Exciting! But don't forget your date with Daddy tomorrow. Have fun. Love you.

Lily can’t help but smile. After the divorce, Dad has tried his best to spend more time with her, to invest himself in her life, and Lily loves him for it. She can’t really think of a good response, however, so she puts the phone back in her purse and finishes up. As she’s washing her hands, she looks at herself in the mirror. It’s hard to keep eye contact, because Mirror Lily keeps drifting out of focus.

You’re already drunk as a skunk. There’s that demanding voice again. No more wine, no matter how charming he is. And if he asks you to go home with him, you’ll say no. You don’t go home with anyone on the first date, even if they are really sweet ...

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