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I write chilling horror and apocalyptic tales so that I don't need to work a real job. I grew up reading Stephen King and still haven't fully recovered. My books have been published in four different languages, and I'm currently working on ending the world in my zombie series Dead Meat.

I was born in a small country far, far away,

where people eat a lot of rye bread and are generally suspicious of success. I learned English thanks to Netflix and listening to audiobooks. Originally, I wrote in my native tongue, but I switched to English in 2018 to reach more readers. I also went from traditional publishing to self-publishing, and I haven't looked back.

I'm married to my public-school sweetheart and we recently had a son who looks so much like me I fear he'll never get a date, the poor guy.

Growing up, I knew I was going to be a writer,

but I kind of forgot about it until the age of 18. That's when I read Stephen King's On Writing which motivated me to pursue my dream. I pledged to type 1,000 words a day and not stop until I got a manuscript accepted by a publisher. I kept that promise a couple of years and a bunch of rejected (and crappy) stories later.

My debut novella is called They Come at Night, and I later translated it into English so that you can enjoy it. Since then, I've been keeping busy making up monsters and twisted plotlines, developing an unhealthy imagination attuned to anything dark and scary.

I hope you'll check out my stories—they're fast-paced and thrilling and hopefully never boring.

I put out at least four or five books a year,

so you need to keep up. You can join my readers club to be kept in the loop when I have a new release. I also treat the members of my readers club to free and exclusive books.

Talk to you soon!

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